Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ular missed his target

Remember my prayer to Ular???? Well he must have been tuning in, but missed the target slightly by about 150 miles.

A major snowstorm hit the northeast corner of Washington state beginning Wednesday evening, setting a single-day record of 19.4 inches of snow to fall in a 24 hour period at Spokane International Airport. I sat with my eyes glued to the television on Wednesday night watching the local Spokane news channel coverage of the storm details. I likely would not have been so interested, had I not plans to drive to Spokane this very morning to pick up my husband from the airport!!

I was able to warn Robin before he left Logan for Salt Lake City to catch his plane that things may not go as planned today. And they didn't of course. He is now propped up by hotel pillows at the Hilton in SLC wishing he were here and not able to get here until Saturday.

I had an anxious day watching the boob tube and the net for clues to whether he would be able to fly into Spokane, but in the end no flights either departed from or arrived at the Spokane International Airport because of the treacherous weather conditions.

Major thoroughfares in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene areas have been continuously plowed, but the snowfall has kept driving to a minimum. Authorities are asking motorists to stay home unless it is absolutely necessary. Most major school districts and daycare facilities have shut down. Several school districts have already begun cancelling classes for Friday. Officials at the hospital in Spokane had to cancel all non-emergency procedures today. Even Spokane City Hall shut down.

Thanks alot Ular, I guess I wasn't clear enough.

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www.anns blog said...

read you blog Eden and what chaos. Hope things soon get sorted out for you and Robin.