Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Delimbing the cake

We did finally celebrate Roscoe's birthday. After having to cancel his birthday party twice due to cancelled flights and an absentee daddy on the actual day, we saved the celebrating for when we were all together.

Turning one is a big deal, and so I figured Roscoe should have a big cake. I spent one afternoon some time last week with the help of Isla and Fraser constructing a gingerbread man cake form out of tinfoil. We whipped up a double batch of our favorite chocolate oatmeal cake from the Whitewater cookbook and the cake man was born.
Now it is an especially scrumptious cake, and Roscoe was delighted to sink his 8 teeth into a big chunk of chocolate and icing for the first time.

Unfortunately, even now, a week later, the cake man still lives. The cake was larger than any one small child would ever need, even when he shared with his mommy, daddy, sister, cousins, auntie and uncle. We have been picking away at it, limb by limb for several days now. Even with the arrival of Uncle Chris and Sarah to help make a dent in it, the cake lives on.

But with it being the eve of Christmas eve and so many goodies to come I think I might say farewell to the gingerbread man cake and toss him. Or perhaps I'll cut the head off, stick it in the freezer and save it for his 25th birthday.

Farewell Cake, thanks for the memories.

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