Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm not shy

I don't consider shyness to be one of my character traits at all. More often than not though, my outgoing personality usually works in my favour. Tonight was one of those times. 

I had heard about a knitting circle here in Logan that meets at a local yarn store and  had been invited to go along with some women that I know through the art dept. I was all ready to go with my first knitting project of the year in hand when one of them called to say that she wasn't feeling well and had decided not to go. Being that Robin had agreed to watch the kids and put them to bed tonight, something that doesn't exactly happen too often, I wasn't about to not go out. 

So regardless of the cancellation, I left behind a messy kitchen, and Robin and the kids at the dinner table and headed off into the dark. I always know that winter is upon us when I can't shake the itch to stitch. I'd picked up my knitting needles about a week ago and had started knitting a toque for Took. I had made it too short around his ears and wanted to try to alter it so that the time I'd invested already wasn't a total waste, but I was totally winging it, making up the altered pattern as I went. I figured that there would likely be some experienced knitters at the circle that could help me out. 

I found the address easily and soon found myself knitting up a storm amongst a large group of retirees and grannies. They all seemed a little shocked, perhaps even slightly unnerved by my participation in their close knit (pardon the pun) group. It reminded me of when I first moved to Nelson back in 2004 and joined an acapello singing group - again all grannies. Lovely group of women, but just not the social scene I was looking for - I did however hold out with that choir for almost a year, all for the love of singing.  Tonight's experience was very much the same, I was there for the love of knitting. By the time I left, I'd sought out and found someone to help me with a tricky stitch, I'd been given two complements on my hat and my knitting bag (both recycled fibre objects from back home) and I'd signed the guest wall with a big black sharpie! I'm not shy, I just have strange hobbies. 

Oh and I finished the toque too! 


gladventurer said...

Way to go Eden!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Thing is did you get invited back!!

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Always good to try new things. Where's the picture of the hat?

gladventurer said...

Picture is just way too cute. Good one Eden and i like the touque too.!

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Thanks for posting the picture. Such a beautiful boy.