Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Real Deal

Okay the orange heads were fun, but yesterday we carved up the real deal when we took the knife to our big beast of a pumpkin. 

I was surprised at Isla's determination to help me extract all of the pumpkin guts. Her little arm could hardly reach the bottom, but she remained entertained by the stringy bits & slippery seeds for at least a 1/2 hour. 

Roscoe stealthily took a position under the table and dove for droppings, of which I thrice had to remove a fistful of goop from his tight tiny grasp. (Can you see him in the picture?)

We left the honors of carving the face to Daddy. Together he and Isla sketched out their options on paper before
deciding on a scary multiple-cut design, which will look great all lit up Friday night. We thought perhaps we would incorporate some props to go along with the scary face, but Isla didn't seem too excited about the knife in the head even though she didn't quite grasp the gruesomeness of what her daddy was suggesting  - she just preferred her pumpkin without props. 

This afternoon we continued along with the Halloween theme and took in the Halloween Carnival at the University. Yet another opportunity for kids to dress up and collect candy.  

We saw some great costumes at the Carnival, lots of other princesses and plenty of pirates. I am sad and embarrassed to say that Roscoe's costume this first Halloween won't be one to remember. I did attempt to look for just the "right thing" at a few different stores, but either couldn't justify the price and/or wasn't going to settle for a crap costume for my cute baby. So instead he will sport a reindeer toque and a black painted nose and be known as Roscoe the reindeer. His sister on the other hand has enjoyed the plethora of princess dresses that she received compliments of her Nana, while we were back in Calgary, but will actually be dressed up as a bunny on Halloween night - as she insists that she too must have a black painted nose.  

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gladventurer said...

What great meories you are making with your wee ones. Sure beats working for a living when little ones are in the home!