Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who's calling?

One thing I've learned about staying home with my sick kids the last couple days is to value caller ID on my telephone. I am absolutely flabbergasted with the sheer number of telemarketers that call here during the day. Apparently signing up for a new phone line means the phone company sells your name and new number to a plethora of bad telemarketing companies. I get at least three calls a day, seriously! 

You would think I'd be thrilled to hear the telephone ring, anticipating a friendly voice from back home, or perhaps a new friend calling for a playdate with the kids. But the last couple days I have answered the phone only to hear every poor pronunciation of my name possible and cruise ship fog horns blowing in the background. 

Speaking of new friends, we met a great couple just down the street from us that have two little kids as well. Mike and Kate, parents to Finnigan and Maggie (same ages as our kids). Mike is a professor at USU. They were curious about the new family on the block, drawn to our B.C. license plates as they spent a year in Vancouver before moving to Logan. 

We've exchanged phone numbers and they've already dropped in on us to bring by some banana muffins. Let's hope it's the beginning of a great friendship.....and a few more welcomed phone calls. 

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