Saturday, August 30, 2008

A day with daddy

Well we made up for not seeing much of Robin this week and jam packed our Saturday together with lots of fun activities. We were up early as per usual, much to Robin's dismay (as he didn't make it home from the studio until after 2 a.m.), had a quick breakfast and were off to the Gardener's Market. This week we didn't feel the push to go garage sale hunting so we were able to enjoy the market and make a full morning of it. 
I'm amazed at the quality and variety of produce there is at this local market, and so affordable too! I filled my basket with fresh corn, garlic, cherry tomatoes, spinach, beets, apricots, a watermelon and a big box of peaches for less than $20. I am wishing this would last all winter, but alas it only goes until the end of fall harvest, some time early October. 

Despite the onset of fall, it sure still feels like summer here. After a big afternoon sleep during the heat of the day we packed up our swim suits and headed over to the aquatic centre.  It is a large outdoor waterpark with a variety of pools, waterslides and diving boards all enclosed in a city park. Isla braved the waterslide with her daddy, keen the whole way down until the last moment when they hit the cold water. Roscoe was happy to chill out with his mama in the kiddie pool and on deck in the lounge chairs in the late afternoon sun. 

It was nearly 6 p.m. by the time we packed up and left and we noticed the temperature was still at 30 degrees celsius. Our late departure meant a more difficult time of getting the kids to sleep tonight as they were overtired and likely overstimulated by the day's events. Since they now share a bedroom, getting them both down at the same time can be tricky, especially when they are both hot, cranky and exhausted. 

You'd never suspect anything less than innocence from these two sleeping angels, wouldn't you? 


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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

What a super fun day. Nice to see a big smile on Mama at the market.