Monday, August 25, 2008

And he's off....

Today was officially Robin's first day of classes here at USU. Amazingly he was up with the kids, had them fed and had made me a coffee before I dragged myself out of bed to take over the childcare duties. I'm hoping every morning will start like that. 

His schedule is still getting sorted, but it sounds like it is nonetheless a full one. He is a teaching assistant this semester for both an introductory clay class as well as an art history lecture on top of his own classes and studio work. If today is any indication of a regular day, we'll be lucky if we see him for meals. 

Speaking of meals, I mustered up the energy to make homemade tortillas today. We are after all in the States, where authentic mexican is a staple food group. All that kneading and rolling, it took Isla and I a good part of the afternoon to make them and fry them up on the stove.  I'm questioning whether it just isn't easier to buy them for the whopping $2/per 20 pack at the grocery store?

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