Friday, May 1, 2015

A Second chance

Wonder what happens to those pots that don't quite make the grade? The cracked, warped, crazed and wobbly pots?

Some lucky ones are getting a second chance these days, where they would usually be destined for the shard pile, a certain someone is hauling them up into the woods and putting them to good use.

Introducing the Hazelnut Cafe! Now open for business. The menu boasts some fabulous fare, and it is always a delight to see what arrives at the table.

Handcrafted from all local and organic forest ingredients, the food is fun and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. There is even a resident dog that is always happy to join you for a meal of nature's treats.

I think we have another maker in our midst, and the pots I think are feeling lucky to live another day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taking a Break

I recently took a break from coffee. The 'coffee break' is something we tend to do, maybe once a year, just to say we can, and its a good reminder of just how dependent we are on it. This is typically not an easy thing for me to do, and usually goes hand in hand with a few headaches, some irritability, a lack of motivation and generally a foggy state...but not for long. I drink a little more tea, shake up the morning ritual a little, try out a few different drinking vessels. And before I know it, I'm good and satisfied with the break and back on coffee.

It's not so much of a break, as it is a productive pause, let's call it. Enough time to step back, change things up a bit and appreciate both the break and the habit! I love coffee, too much to give it up for good. And I love to write, too much to give it up for good.

I've taken a break from this blog writing, enough time to take stock and reevaluate what and why I want to write.