Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why I Should Blog

I admit to have fallen by the wayside with my posting. When I first started writing this blog, it was with the intention to document a specific time in our lives. We were a young family, headed off to do the unthinkable....go to grad school, post-babies. ACK! I thought it would be a good idea at the time to chronicle our adventures and experiences, so that we could one day look back and say " WOW, that was something else!"

Well, I do that, often. I browse back through old posts and remember and relive even some of those precious moments. And now I am asking myself, why did you ever slow down with it?

Admittedly life has been a little crazy. We left our home in the summer of 2008 with an infant and a toddler and moved to Utah to begin grad school, then three years later we moved home only temporarily to then pack up and move again with a preschooler and a grade schooler to take a job in Calgary, only to do it all over again the next year, but in Winnipeg. "WOW, that was something else!"

And now we are home, settling into our life and space in the Slocan valley, after 5 years of moving around. And I am feeling all the more reason to post and document this time in our lives, because life's opportunities seem like they've only just begun.

 Take this for example:)

Robin has been nominated for a prestigious award. He is one of five ceramic artists across Canada chosen to exhibit his work at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto as part of the 2013 RBC Emerging Artist Awards. You can view the piece he has submitted and watch a short video online where he talks about his work and practice by clicking on the link below.

It is a People's Choice award which means that the artist that receives the most votes will be awarded $10,000. We hope you'll help support him and vote online today. Voting closes October 13th, 2013 and Robin and I will fly to Toronto to attend the awards ceremony on the 15th.

We sincerely thank you in advance if you have already voted and a double thank you if you share this with your own network of friends and family through email or through posting the link on Facebook. Every vote counts!!

It has been incredible to read the comments and testimonials that have resulted as part of this show. I am blown away by the kind and supportive words that keep coming in. Robin is the only artist that is exhibiting functional ceramics in the mix of artists selected, and his nomination is a huge endorsement of making functional ceramics in today's day and age.

So if you enjoy your morning coffee out of a handmade mug, appreciate a meal served in a handcrafted dish, have ever purchased, gifted or been given a piece of pottery.....please vote for Robin online:


I can already hear myself saying, "WOW, that was something else!"