Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sneak Peak

When we first rolled into town last summer late one August evening, we discovered a major landmark was being built just a stones throw away from our house - 'Peg Stadium' a.k.a. Investors Group Field was well underway and seemed enormous, towering over the University of Manitoba campus.

We watched the construction workers toil away all winter long, and when winter seemed to hang on unexpectedly this spring, we watched them toil a little harder, and then when winter finally did break, we watched them panic. There were plenty of rumours that it wouldn't be finished in time.

But seems like they are going to meet their target date after all, since we received an invitation to neighbourhood residents to come out for a viewing. Mostly an act of goodwill extended likely out of how the closest neighbours will be affected by traffic on game days, a nice gesture nonetheless to have a close look at the finished stadium.

We headed over later in the evening, and there were only a couple hundred people milling about. The kids loved it - running up and down the stairs and aisles, in fact circling the entire stadium on foot - twice!

We even ventured up to the nosebleeds for a look at the field from the highest vantage point. Although not a football fan, it was fun to check out the Bombers new digs. Looks like we'll be pulling out of town before the season opener, so we won't have to worry about the traffic woes!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teddy Bears' Picnic

The much anticipated Teddy Bears' Picnic was today at Assiniboine Park. We'd heard about the annual event when we moved here - that it was a must 'do' with the kids while we were living here.

The annual event is a fundraiser and opportunity to raise the profile of the Winnipeg Children's Hospital, with all funds raised going towards the Children's Hospital Foundation. The main attraction being the Dr. Goodbear Clinic for which we waited nearly 45 minutes in line to admit our beloved 'maggie doll' as a patient alongside thousands of other children with their cherished stuffies.

Once inside the clinic we were ushered through the examination room, X-ray, surgery, recovery and pharmacy. Maggie was very well taken care of, and the kids learned a ton about caring for their sickies. At the MASH unit, Maggie got stitched up by a volunteer surgeon from the 17 Wing Field Ambulance unit and casted by another compassionate volunteer. Isla even got to gown up for a little intravenous lesson.

There were plenty of other tents and live music and food vendors and various entertainment booths for the kids and I practically had to coax them out of there dragging their little exhausted feet behind them.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Craftastics

At age 5 and 7, my children already have a running tally of exhibition openings under their belts. They have learned the art of reception table mingling, grown accustomed to weaving carefully through people and plinths and have heard the 'look with your eyes' warning from me a thousand times over. But tonight's exhibition took them a bit by surprise when we arrived at the opening for The Craftastics: Agents for Social Change.

Our good friend Jennie O (aka the Matriart and superhero and lead facilitator of this visual art project) inspired and collaborated with a group of teenage girls to create a public art project aimed at inspiring and empowering other teens to become creative agents of social change in their communities. Addressing issues like gender discrimination, stereotyping, body-issues, depression, anxiety, gossip, peer pressure and bullying - Jennie led the girls through an art project that helped give this group of girls a voice to express their views, experiences and opinions. 

The final work on exhibition was a series of fabricated costumes and sculpted clay and cloth dolls and corresponding superhero posters, with a deck of artist trading cards to showcase the superhero creations. 

Congratulations to Jennie and all the grrlz from the Valley Gardens Middle School Grrlz Club. What an amazing project and a great opportunity for my kids. I believe in taking my kids to exhibitions for more reasons than just the lame excuse of lack of childcare - I do it to provide exposure. I want them to grow up forming their own opinions about art and culture and learn to decide for themselves what resonates and what doesn't.

Thanks for the invite Jennie. Congrats!