Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bacon Sticky Buns?

Hole in the Wall Johnnie's Sticky Buns is my latest Winnipeg favourite and blows any franchised cinnamon bun store out of the competition.

We sampled the B.A.M. (Bacon, Apple and Maple), alongside a Lemon Meringue and the Monkey Brains pullapart  this weekend with our pals Chris and Lucie.

It's these kind of independently owned businesses that make exploring Winnipeg and all it has to offer such a treat!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Our Dance with Dolley

Who knew that blizzards were assigned names? I suppose if a winter storm is intense enough, that it should be given the same privilege as having a moniker assigned as would a hurricane, right? Well, Blizzard Dolley left us stranded last weekend in Grand Forks, North Dakota. And Dolley was certainly intense enough to warrant her own name.  

We decided to take a trip down across the border rather late in the week, having heard rumours of a waterpark that promised to brighten any child's winter doldrums. We packed enough for an overnight and made the uneventful trip south, and snuggled down in our hotel beds Sunday nightnever anticipating what was brewing weather wise outside.

President's Day Monday, we woke up to white out conditions and nothing short of confused mayhem beyond our hotel room. Having learned that much of the Red River Valley was in a no-travel advisory which meant the highways were closed and there was no way we could make the trip home even if we wanted to!